Wow! We Did It!

“Hi Dana, We did it! We’d begun to lose all hope of good sleep with our almost 10 month old son until a friend told us about your program.

And the first night he slept 12 hours with one minor wake up, same with night 2.

But night 3, which we just woke up from – he slept almost 14 hours!

This is totally amazing and refreshing to us. We rested well, and he woke up fresh and smiling.

I can’t believe this is happening and all I did was following your instructions all laid out beautifully for us in the Sleep Sense program.

Thank you Dana, I can’t thank you enough. Your program is life changing and I will not hesitate to recommend your program to my sleep-deprived fellow parents.”

This was exactly the letter I sent to Dana of Sleep Sense program after going through her self-study sleep training program.

I totally understand. It may feel like the situation is hopeless, or that your child is too old to change her/his sleep habits, but I want you to know that it is never too late, and that there is a way.

Sleep is so precious and perfect in childhood, my wish is for every child to have enough of it every single night.

Getting your baby sleeping through the night can be a challenge, but getting them to sleep during the day presents a whole new set of obstacles.

Between the natural light, the ambient noises, and the activities surrounding them, babies can have a real issue getting quality naps.

That’s a problem for parents and baby alike, since they’re such are an essential element to a baby’s overall sleep schedule.

So how can you help your little ones enjoy some quality shut-eye with all these factors working against them?

I’ve got something here that will totally change your life here, with free customized sleep plan just for you.


Michelle Tay